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La democrazia a teatro

Abstract (English)   This paper focuses on some juridical and political aspects of the Athenian theater, with specific attention to three voting scenes (in Aeschylus’ Suppliants and Eumenides and Sophocles’ Ajax). The author examines the meaning attributed in the tragedy to the vote itself, with the different result that occurs in those three scenes: unanimous […]

Pubblicato online: 22 Ottobre 2021

Exceptio doli y delegación. Una aproximación a sus problemas

Abstract (English) The objective of this article is to review the arguments of the Roman lawyers of the 3rd century on the problems of delegatio and exceptio doli. The methodology is based on the analisis of fragments, excluding a textual-based critic. The results of the research show that the Roman lawyers of the last period […]

Pubblicato online: 7 Febbraio 2022

Psello e il diritto. Considerazioni preliminari agli scritti giuridici di Michele Psello

Abstract (English) Michael Psello’s legal work has never been the subject of sufficient attention, being often liquidated with superficially negative judgments. On the contrary, it deserves careful consideration as it is linked to an ambitious project of reorganization and restoration of legal studies in a “neoclassical” perspective. Keywords: Psellos, Xiphilinos, Byzantine Law, Roman Law Abstract […]

Pubblicato online: 7 Febbraio 2022

L’ordine sistematico nella tradizione civilistica europea.

Abstract (English) The goal of this paper is the reconstruction of european  doctrinal tendencies, both ancient and modern. Civil law used to be approached in a systematic way in the conviction that only through complex schemes based on rational order was possible to create a true science of law. Over the centuries civil law was […]

Pubblicato online: 22 Ottobre 2021

Premesse per una discussione sul rapporto tra continuità e discontinuità nel diritto civile.

Abstract (English) Starting from a Tullio Ascarelli theoretical and methodological essay published in 1953,this paper proposes a thoughtful discussion on some aspects of the relationship betweencontinuity and discontinuity in Italian civil law. In the background, there is the perceivedneed for a methodological renewal in the face of Italian case law massive recourse to an ar-gumentation […]

Pubblicato online: 16 Novembre 2021