Articoli in pre-print

Articles in Pre-Print are articles that have been accepted for publication but which have not been formally published and will not yet have the complete volume/issue/page information. Articles listed in this section are intended for publication in Specula Iuris’s next issue. The DOI code is provisional, it will be registered at the time of publication. Official Authorship listing by relative contributions will be displayed in the full-text article and final pdf.

The following articles will be published in Specula Iuris next issues

L’ordine sistematico nella tradizione civilistica europea.

Author: Andrea Lovato

Keyword: pensiero giuridico europeo, sistema, tradizione civilistica

La democrazia a teatro

Author: Emanuele Stolfi

Keyword: Diritto e letteratura; tragedia greca; democrazia ateniese; votazione; Eschilo e Sofocle

Premesse per una discussione sul rapporto tra continuità e discontinuità nel diritto civile.

Author: Mauro Grondona

Keyword: Tullio Ascarelli, continuità, discontinuità, ermeneutica giuridica, diritto privato